The Client

Tutor Time is a start-up company with an idea of offering online tuition to students from their peers.

Tutor Time Hero

The Brief

For this project, I worked alongside the lead designer to create a proposed user journey for the tutor time web app and native apps. I took inspiration from other video call platforms like skype. I worked closely with the technical architect to come up with a design and solution so that the tutor and student could both interact with a sketchable area while on the tutor call.

Mockup Imac

Web App

We designed a native app for both IOS and Andriod which would work as a secondary system for tutors be able to check tutor request and students to be able to access their previous tutoring sessions from their mobile.

Tutor Time i1
Tutor Time i2

Native App

Working on the CRM System I had a bigger input to the design while still working alongside the senior designer. The system was designed to be used by members of the institute to be able to manage ongoing projects and share it with others within the institute.

Tutor Time i3
Tutor Time i4