The Client

Triumph Motorcycles are the largest UK-owned motorcycle manufacturer, I was fortunate enough to work on a number of their projects while working at Dept but the one I took the most lead on was Triumphs new find a dealer user journey.

Triumph hero image thin

Style Guide & Component Library

With Triumph having multiple projects and being a long term client with Dept, collectively as a design team we created a style guide and component library which we could use moving forward when creating new page templates.

Triumph styleguide
Triumph Components

Dealer Locator

Working closely with the UX designer to come up with a new user journey for customers to find Triumph Motorbike dealers as well as a profile section for each dealer.

Triumph image
Triumph image 2

The UX designer delivered to me a user journey map alongside wireframes which I worked on to create the final UI which I presented back to Triumph.

Triumph Wires to design 1

Responsive Design

Looking at the google analytics reports for Triumph we see that a lot of users view the website on mobile. It was important that the responsive UI on mobile still could support all the information required for the dealer locator journey. This was achieved with UI methods such as having a toggle to switch between map and list view.

Triumph Responsive single
Triumph Responsive single 2

Working In Abstract

´╗┐As Triumph has been a big client with various projects, we used Abstract to store the projects as a whole. Using abstract we were able to work collectively as a team on the same sketch files and using version control to secure the files. It also came in handy with delivering to the frontend developers by using Abstracts inspect tool which gives correct dimensions and assets for the artwork.

Triumph Abstract


Working with triumph introduced me to working for well-named clients with an established brand. It taught me the importance of consistency with designing new components so that they fit well with existing page templates. If I was to do the project again I would be more confident with my approach designing within an established brand by showing how I could push the boundaries of the brand to offer something fresher while remaining consistent to it.