The Client

Kverneland Group is an international agriculture equipment manufacturing company. The group is formed of three parenting brands which are Kverneland, Kubota and Vicon.

Kverneland hero image thin
Kverneland group dash

The Brief

The project team for the brief consisted of me as UI design, a UX designer, a Project manager and a technical architect. While working alongside the UX designer, I was tasked to create a portal that could be used by trade dealers within each parenting brand of the Kverneland group. This meant designing a ghost brand for users who are part of multiple parenting brands while also creating branded variations that represented Kverneland, Kubota, and Vicon. We often had meetings with the technical architect throughout the design phase to discuss the best approach when designing user portals that would work for the back end developers.

Kubota 2 Dash
Vicon Dash

Creating a Style Guide

My first step in the project was creating a style guide that explained to the client the idea of a minimalist ghost brand that would support a slight accent colour change for users that are part of the parenting brands.

Kverneland styleguide x2

Wireframes to Design

Working closely with the UX designer on the wireframes created, I began creating the ghost branded UI for key page templates which were presented back to the client alongside variations of the page template with the parenting
brand accent colours.

Kverneland Wires to design
Kverneland Wires to design 2

Creating Components

Once the client was happy with the branding direction, I presented the key page templates with a bank of components that the client could use going forward in the development phase to give them the ability to create and re arrange the portal pages as they wish.

Kverneland group Components

Working In Abstract

Working on the project through Abstract is a great way for me and the UX design to work collaboratively with the use of version control and style guides being set as libraries across the various sketch files within the project. It also came in handy with delivering to the frontend developers by using Abstracts inspect tool which gives correct dimensions and assets for the artwork.

Kverneland Abstract 1
Kverneland Abstract 2
Kverneland Abstract 3