The Client

Jotun is a Norwegian chemicals company dealing mainly in decorative paints and performance coatings. The main project I worked on for Jotun was to do with the paint coatings for cargo ships and the chemical resistance of these coatings.

Jotun hero image thin

The Brief

Working on Jotuns' Resistance Guide project, I was briefed to work alongside a UX designer to redesign Jotuns' current Resistance Guide look and feel. The online Resistance Guide is used by cargo ship manufactures to determine what chemical resistant coating is needed for the type of cargo they are carrying. This project was also one of three set by Jotun running alongside each other, this meant that I had to work closely with the other UI designers so that we were consistent with the styling for each design.

Jotun IMAGE 1

Wireframes to Design

I worked alongside the UX designer with creating a UI based on the wireframes that were supplied to me. I started by creating the page templates that were key points in the user journey and then broke them down into components.

RG Wires to design

Responsive Tables

The biggest challenge for this project was making sure all the resistance tables could respond down to mobile. It took some back and forth thinking between me and the UX designer but in the end the client was happy with how the table responded down on mobile.

RG responsive 2
RG responsive 1


The Resistance Guide project has challenged my design skills with responsive design for tables that hold a lot of information. Although initally it was a struggle to capture the amount of information Jotun required on the guide, working closely with the UX designer we came up with a solution that the client was happy with. Now that I have the experience of working on a project that was very information-heavy has improved me as a designer on how to correctly break up information using different UI methodologies.